Litigation Support for Major Patent/Copyright Infringement Damages Cases

Here come the rental trucks.

In a major patent or copyright infringement case, a common tactic is to bury the opposing side in paper–truckloads of documents that only a trademark infringement expert can decipher.

Pretrial discovery is certainly one of the most important means of fact-finding to win a case, and both sides will use legal discovery tools to obtain the necessary evidence to establish the proof of their case. In most litigation, specific documents are requested and the opposing side delivers those specific items. That is when both sides play fair.

But increasingly, a bullying tactic is to not only deliver the documents requested, but mix them with reams upon reams of documents barely relevant to the matter at hand. Boxes upon boxes of irrelevant documents are loaded into trucks and delivered with a smile.

As they know, deciphering the deluge of materials causes the recipient untold hours of sorting time and stress. Unless handled efficiently, getting through the mountains of papers can wipe out a company’s resources and can cause litigation costs to skyrocket. It requires a top-notch team of patent and copyright experts who can quickly and efficiently separate the wheat from the chaff and keep your litigation on track.

Rogers DVS, LLC specializes in all aspects of business valuation, intellectual assets and litigation support. We’ve got the strength and flexibility to handle engagements of all sizes, and we protect your case from being crushed by bullying tactics.

Rogers DVS’ litigation support and business valuation services team is comprised of dedicated, experienced and credentialed professionals who understand the issues and challenges facing clients who are involved in patent litigation. We have extensive experience and expertise in a variety of industries including pharmaceutical, medical device, high technology, manufacturing/distribution industries, apparel, sports equipment, financial institutions, healthcare and insurance industries.

If your business needs litigation support, before the rental trucks arrive, contact Rogers DVS for a consultation.

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