Patent Valuation Services

Patents symbolize ownership of a design concept. They represent right of ownership over intellectual property, and belong to the inventor of a new device, a software function, or other such item reflecting sufficient innovative and creative thinking as to be uniquely their own idea. They may also be extended for a new design process, a new material, or even a newly discovered or engineered type of plant. For a sufficiently complicated item or process, or for particularly unique innovations, individual components of large devices and complicated processes will often be covered by their own separate patents. These may require licensing from multiple different parties. This sometimes makes for extremely complicated cases when it comes to patent infringement and the resulting litigation.

EisnerAmper for The Best Patent Damages Expertise

EisnerAmper has significant experience in intellectual property valuation, the vital process of appraising the value of an item of intellectual property – including for damages assessment purposes.  Graham Rogers and his team offer decades of experience in business and intellectual property damages assessment. Graham Rogers and his team has experience with both traditional and digital properties, and with every type of patent recognized by US law.

Graham and his staff are fully licensed, certified, and credentialed. We have served as expert witnesses in federal, state, and tax courts, and have worked within a wide range of industries. These include such complicated, wide-ranging, and massive industries as healthcare services, the insurance industry, the financial industry, pharmaceuticals, and the digital marketing industry. Graham and his staff can offer expert testimony on your behalf, in support of your claim as to the existence of a patent infringement. They can help you to obtain the damages you are owed in return for the defendant’s trespass on your intellectual property.

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