Royalty Auditing Services

Royalty audits should be conducted by all entities that have entered into license agreements. We have identified discrepancies in even the most amiable of relationships.  Licensees are continually undergoing personnel changes, computer changes, and accounting software changes that may affect how a licensee interprets a license.

Without an audit, you will never identify those “innocent” infractions.  In situations, where the parties are not amiable, utilizing EisnerAmper allows you to identify those instances that may cross the line between an “innocent” mistake and questionable conduct.

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Why Use Us For Royalty Auditing?

By hiring EisnerAmper, you introduce an unbiased third-party into a potentially contentious situation. Whether we are auditing franchisees or we are tasked to conduct royalty audits on a single business or IP, we are up for the job.

We are experienced in ensuring compliance of executed license agreements, including identification of proper pricing, identification and quantification of allowable deductions, product marking, and identification and quantification of products to be applied against.

All of these factors are analyzed to ensure that you, the licensor, are receiving the proper royalties as per the agreement.

Our experience shows that even the smallest variation in the factors listed above could have significant impact on the royalties due.

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