Intellectual Property Asset Consulting

Today, virtually every business relies on a broad array of intellectual assets including patents, trademarks, copyrights, trade secrets, know-how, customer lists, and software licenses.
These intellectual assets are no longer confined to a company’s R&D department.
Your intellectual property is too important to not work with expert consultants…
With the complexity of today’s business organizations, intellectual assets get dispersed throughout the entire organization (including human resources, IT, marketing, sales, accounting, and research).

Through this dispersion, intellectual assets can get “lost” and ownership can be severed.  EisnerAmper is an international accounting and consulting firm providing its clients with a full range of services including litigation support, IP valuation, and business advisory services.

Intellectual Property Expert Witness

Our IP Consulting Services

Our services team provides a full range of Intellectual Property (“IP”) services, consisting of:

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Expert Witness and Consulting For:

IP Litigation support services include document request support, deposition support, document management, damages analysis, report preparation, rebuttal analysis, rebuttal report preparation, deposition testimony and trial testimony.

IP Valuation services include market/industry research, comparables searching, pricing analysis, valuation analysis using widely accepted valuation methodologies, and report preparation.

IP Inventory services include staff interviews to identify intangible assets, assistance in determining appropriate ownership, and a customized deliverable that effectively tracks intangible asset.

IP Royalty Audits assist licensors in ensuring they are receiving the appropriate royalty compensation for their licensed IP.

IP Transfer Pricing Services include the research and documentation to assist a company in establishing the appropriate arms-length rate for IP in intra-company transactions.

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Trademark Damages

Trademarks are symbols, phrases, designs or emblems that are recognizable and may be used in bolstering a company’s brand. You may see them on products, in advertising, on signage, or letterhead. Falsely using a trademark or counterfeiting an established trademark is against the law. We work for plaintiffs or defendants on trademark infringement matters to calculate actual damages or disgorgement damages. This can be a lengthy and complicated process. We understand these complications and lend our expertise to the litigation team to assist in identifying the correct damages owed.

Patent Damages

Patents are granted by a government authority conferring a right or title for a set period of time to make, use, or sell an invention incorporating the patent. There are a number of instances where entities will attempt to use, market or sell an item, process or material without receiving permission to do so. This is called patent infringement and is against the law. The owners of these rights may lose sales, market share and/or potential royalties. In these instances, whether you are the plaintiff or defendant in a patent infringement matter, it is important to seek professional patent services and the counsel of an expert well versed in this area. Due to the complexity of this area, receiving assistance from an experienced patent damages expert is key. 

Intellectual Property

Today, virtually every business relies on a broad array of intellectual assets including such items as patents, trademarks, copyrights, trade secrets, and know-how. Rogers DVS is a national consulting firm providing its clients a full range of services including damages and lost profits analysis, expert witness testimony, litigation consulting and valuation of intangible assets and business enterprises.

Valuation Services

Knowing how much your business or intangible asset(s) is worth can be beneficial, especially when attempting to get investors on board. We work with clients in determining the value of their business entity or intangible asset(s). Our valuation services may be needed in response to buy-sell agreements; mergers and acquisitions; IRS issues; shareholder disputes, and other areas that fall under this umbrella. When seeking a valuation, including patent valuation, it is important to have the right credentialed expert on board. We hold both U.S. and international valuation credentials which allows us to assist clients both domestically and abroad. Our valuation methods may vary, request a consultation today for more information.

Copyright Damages

We work with attorneys, serving as expert witnesses to provide background on copyright infringement. The U.S. Copyright office provides copyright protection to those who create different original works, such as software, musical works, sound recordings, paintings, photographs and other items of value. A copyright gives the owner exclusive rights of use. Once this has been violated, we work with either plaintiffs or defendants in analyzing and determining the amount of damages that may have resulted from infringement. 

Trade Secret Damages

Businesses often create intangible assets that are not protectable under a form of intellectual property, i.e., patent, trademark, or copyright. These intangible assets are referred to as trade secrets. A trade secret is a formula, practice, process, design, instrument, pattern, commercial method, or compilation of information not generally known or reasonably ascertainable by others by which a business can obtain an economic advantage over competitors. Since these trade secrets can be valuable, companies and individuals steal these assets and use them for their own benefit. We work with both plaintiffs and defendants in identifying the economic damages associated with these misappropriations.