What to Think About Before Purchasing an Established Business

Some entrepreneurs believe existing businesses, with an established business valuation, pose less risk in the purchasing process. While this may be true, due diligence remains essential in the purchase. Purchasers must fully understand what is being purchased and what assets are coming in the deal. Anyone who has decided to purchase

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IP Valuation: Why is Your Valuation So Important?

What is IP, and Why Does IP Valuation Matter? IP valuation is the process of determining the market value of “intellectual assets”. It’s important because “IP intensive industries contributed $5 trillion, or 35% of our Gross Domestic Product”, as reported in the 2012 Intellectual Property and U.S. Economy-Industries in Focus report.  IP companies, also, were responsible for

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Increasing IP Revenues through Royalty Audits

Is your royalty payment trending too low?  Calling for royalty audits can put a trusted third-party into the books, combing for any anomaly on your behalf. Do you suspect that an audit will turn up under-payments?  If you didn’t plan ahead during the licensing phase, inspect your licensing agreement first. Terms of Your

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