IP Valuation: What is it Really Worth?

Any company is likely to run across a scenario where someone that works there develops something. It could be a method or technique that speeds up data entry. It could be a software tool which cuts costs by 10%. There are any number of things that employees of a company could develop while working for that company. All of this is Intellectual Property, or IP, and understanding IP valuation is important for a company to protect that property, just like any other company property.


Some of this IP may be patentable, which could result in licensing fee generation for the company, but most IP will be used internally to the company. But if the company does not know the value of its intellectual property, they cannot take the appropriate measures to ensure the property is protected and kept within the company. A company will want to ensure that its employees know that any IP developed within the company remains the property of the company because it may provide the company a competitive advantage over other companies.

External Help

IP valuation may be done by an external source, such as Rogers DVS. They will be able to assess the value of the intellectual property, not only to the company, but also to anyone else who may wish to take advantage of the property through licensing. By having someone like Rogers DVS, a firm with years of experience, assess the IP valuation, your company will be sure to know exactly what it has in terms of intellectual property, and you will be able to safeguard that property just as you would any other company property with any sort of value.

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