When is the Right Time to Conduct a Royalty Audit?

First, it’s important to mention that the agreement in place is based on mutual needs and terms between both parties. Needless to say, both parties should be benefiting from this partnership. In order to ensure the terms are being met and maintained consistently across the board, the franchisor will conduct

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Nine Ways to Improve Your Royalty Audits

To get ahead, improving your royalty audits is vital. Here are nine ways to accomplish just that. First: Learn everything you can about your licensee’s business practices. The information you garner will help you determine how well the company will be able to comply with your licensing requirements. Second: Write

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Increasing IP Revenues through Royalty Audits

Is your royalty payment trending too low?  Calling for royalty audits can put a trusted third-party into the books, combing for any anomaly on your behalf. Do you suspect that an audit will turn up under-payments?  If you didn’t plan ahead during the licensing phase, inspect your licensing agreement first. Terms of Your

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